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    The product found in : CZECH SEED BEADS MATUBO 8/0 - 3MM

    10GR MATUBO Czech Glass Seed Beads 8/0 (3mm) - COLOURS AQUAMARINE PICASSO - 60020/43400

    Brand : MATUBO
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    Matubo is a new ROCAILLE made ​​by the same company that pearls RULLAS® and SUPERDUOS®, the Czech Republic.
    A new compression technology that produces these rock totally perfect ;-)

    REGULAR size, the probability of default of these beads is almost zero.
    A wide range of colors ... (the same colors as the SUPERDUOS and RULLAS)

    Size: 8/0
    Diameter: 3mm
    Height: 2mm
    Hole: 1mm

    advantages :
    - A large hole which reduces the weight of the beads,
    - Beading easier ...

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